The Coming of the Walrus : What really happened in the ’60s – A novel




The Coming of the Walrus, Riordan’s novel about the 60s as “the definitive book on the era” and “a hilarious tale of a harrowing search for the greatest truth of all”.
When a down and out acid casualty stumbles across the greatest secret of the 1960s, all hell and half of heaven breaks loose. In his effort to find the famed Walrus of the Beatles legend, Dave Chalmers battles his way through demons, madmen, murderers and conspiracy tales to cross paths with nearly every myth and wild tale of the era including who killed John Kennedy, what really happened to Jimi Hendrix, the faking of Jim Morrison’s death, where Elvis is today and what was the real power behind the greatest era. A wild supernatural ride with loads of comedic twists that explores the legendary myths of the magical, mysterious 1960s including the greatest myth of all — who and what was the Walrus?

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